7 March 2018 – GCOX, the world’s first global celebrity cryptocurrency exchange, has signed international boxing superstar, Manny Pacquiao, as its first celebrity. Pacquiao took his first steps towards tokenising his popularity through this collaboration with GCOX. Short for Global Crypto Offering Exchange, GCOX will serve as the world’s first platform on which celebrities can tokenise their popularity through creating, listing, and trading their own celebrity tokens.

Boxing legend and Senator of the Philippines Manny Pacquiao will be the first celebrity to release his exclusive Celebrity Token, known as the PAC Coin, on GCOX. Pacquiao’s presence on GCOX’s social interaction platforms such as Celeb-Connect, Celebreneur, and Celeb-Charity promises more avenues for closer interaction with the renowned boxing champion, as well as access to exclusive content and merchandise.

“We believe that both celebrities and the public will benefit from the sound business fundamentals that GCOX can bring to the global crypto community.” “GCOX plans to increase the adoption and acceptance of blockchain technology and crypto tokens through the involvement of A-list celebrities. With new social interaction platforms built on GCOX’s own Acclaim blockchain, investors and fans will have unparalleled access to their favourite stars. Celebrities will also have the opportunity for increased engagement with their fans, further extending their reach and expanding their popularity.”

GCOX boasts a stellar lineup of cryptocurrency experts, powerhouse investors, and business veterans who aim to drive mainstream adoption of the token economy by incorporating strong business fundamentals and management strategies. The blockchain-based startup is the world’s first celebrity cryptocurrency exchange, allowing celebrities to tokenise their popularity by creating and listing their own Celebrity Tokens.

Thus far, GCOX has commenced private placement sales of their native token Acclaim (ACM). They have also announced plans for an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the next quarter, together with the launch of their mobile application. According to a news report by Business Insider UK, this new wave of fundraising known as ICO has raised more than USD3.5 billion in 2017, far surpassing venture capital funding for other blockchain startups.

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